2023-2024 PDGo Santa Barbara Public Defender's Office
2023-2024 Machine Learning for Network-Denied Environments NSIN/ICT
2022-2023 Firefox Desktop Browser: Improving Import Usability for Users Mozilla Foundation
2022-2023 Digitization and Modernization of PDHelpdesk Ticketing System Santa Barbara Public Defender's Office
2021-2022 Power BI Data Analytics Dashboard Office of the Public Defender, Santa Barbara County
2021-2022 Azure Cloud Database Migration & LACPD New Hire Enrollment Process Web Application Office of the Public Defender, LA County
2020-2021 Digitization of PD Onboarding & Approval Process Office of the Public Defender, LA County
2019-2020 Project Athena: Log & Infrastructure Monitoring Commonwealth Casualty Company
2019-2020 Extension for Public Defender's Client Case Management System LA County Public Defender
2018-2019 Satellites Attitude and Orbit Visualization Boeing
2018-2019 ACWM Inventory Management LA County, Agricultural Commissioner / Weights & Measures
2018-2019 System Registration LA County, Probation
2017-2018 Aquila: Process Management System for University Auxiliary Services University Auxiliary Services
2017-2018 Program Review Information System Management (PRISM) Office of Graduate Studies
2016-2017 TechIT: A Work Order System for ECST College ECST Dean's Office
2015-2016 IT Service Request Portal Lockheed-Martin / QTC
2013-2014 Lunar Exploration / Web and Mobile Applications JPL
2012-2013 Modernizing Curriculum Review Workflow
2009-2010 FDsys PDF Image Extraction