2023-2024 GPS Performance Analysis and Visualization Aerospace Corporation
2022-2023 Want 2 Remember App® powered by We2Link, Inc. ® We2Link
2022-2023 Aerospace Dilution of Precision Automation Aerospace Corporation
2021-2022 Satellite Anomaly Injection & Detection (SAID) Testbed The Aerospace Corporation
2021-2022 Want 2 Remember We2Link
2020-2021 Want2Remember App We2Link
2019-2020 Jovian Emergent
2019-2020 Chatbot Cal State LA - ITS
2018-2019 Satellites Attitude and Orbit Visualization Boeing
2018-2019 Pineapple Chatbot Information Technology Services (ITS)
2018-2019 System Registration LA County, Probation
2017-2018 A Network Simulator for Evaluating Resource Allocation Strategies Faculty
2017-2018 A Location-Based Intelligent Forwarding Strategy for NDNWiFi Fujitsu
2016-2017 Configuration Management Database QTC
2016-2017 Autonomous Driving Car Fujitsu
2015-2016 WiFi Service for Outdoor Areas Fujitsu
2015-2016 Dashboard for Type 2 Diabetes Management Medtronics