Digitization and Modernization of PDHelpdesk Ticketing System

Santa Barbara Public Defender's Office uses a homebuilt, Outlook-based IT ticketing system which receives and stores IT requests submitted by Public Defender staff. This system is functional but limited in its capabilities. It outgrew its original purpose and operating parameters. The system does not allow for advanced data analytics or workflow automation, and prohibits IT staff from obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the systems and practices used within the workspace. In this project, we have built a dedicated ticketing system that provides the necessary issue monitoring and resolution tools to assist IT employees in performing their duties. Moreover, the system offers an intuitive interface that facilitates seamless communication between technicians and customers, enabling them to collaborate on resolving issues and accessing the comprehensive history of previous tickets. This system helps to enhance customer service by simplifying the process of handling requests, efficiently resolving issues, and ensuring that no customer needs are overlooked.

Team Lead: Nshan Kazaryan

Student Team
  • Christian Armendariz
  • Hoai Cao
  • Brandon Estrada
  • Gilbert Hopkins
  • Geovanny Huerta
  • Marie Karibyan
  • Nshan Kazaryan
  • Biruk Mengeste
  • Mark Perez
  • Kevin Trochez Grajeda
Project Sponsor
Santa Barbara Public Defender's Office
Project Liaisons
  • Deepak Budwani
  • Brent Modell
  • Luis Ramirez
Faculty Advisors
  • Chengyu Sun