Firefox Desktop Browser: Improving Import Usability for Users

Firefox users currently have the ability to easily switch to Firefox from another browser or to start using Firefox on another computer, while being able to keep their existing bookmarks, passwords, and other important data. However, the user interface for the dialog that allows users to do this is outdated and clunky. This capstone project would involve updating the experience to provide new users as well as users upgrading/replacing hardware to import from another computer, with a new easy, intuitive and fun way for users to import their data. In addition, the project would also involve making improvements to the quality, reliability, performance, and feature set of the data that is imported.

Student Team
  • Zachariah Harris
  • Nolan Ishii
  • Alvin Lew
  • Evan Liang
  • Bryan Macoy
  • Ani Movsesian
  • Brian Pham
  • Angel Villalobos
  • Steven Wang
  • Portia Wu
Project Sponsor
Mozilla Foundation
Project Liaisons
Faculty Advisors
  • Chengyu Sun