Firefox Desktop Browser: Improving Import Usability for Users

Firefox allows users to import their data, such as bookmarks and passwords, from other browsers. The existing importer is functional, but it lacks some important features, does not support newer browsers, and has an outdated and clunky user interface. Our project improves the importer by adding support for more data (e.g. favicons) and browser types (e.g. Opera, OperaGX, Vivaldi, and Chrome as a Snap package). We also implemented a new import process and modern UI that greatly simplifies the steps for users. These changes will slowly be released in Firefox to the public, enhancing the browser's overall user experience.

Student Team
  • Zachariah Harris
  • Nolan Ishii
  • Alvin Lew
  • Evan Liang
  • Bryan Macoy
  • Ani Movsesian
  • Brian Pham
  • Angel Villalobos
  • Steven Wang
  • Portia Wu