Smart Dashboard and Business Rule Engine

The purpose of the project is to develop a Smart Dashboard. The Smart Dashboard will consolidate system errors and user errors that have occurred in different systems. By using the best coding practices and an N-tier architecture, this Smart Dashboard will have the ability to support different lines of business, use dependency injection, support pagination, and display certain errors depending on what integration point the user clicked on.

With this Smart Dashboard:

Users can fix integration issues related to data by knowing what the errors are.
Developers can fix integration issues related to bugs in the system by knowing what the errors are.

This web app is coded in 6, bootstrap, javascript, and CSS and adheres to QTC's requirements and standards.

It currently supports the following integration points:

1) Enterprise Printing Integration (Oracle)
2) SQL

Business Rule Engine:

The objective of the Business Rule Engine (BRE) is to receive a request with the name of a rule to execute that will yield a certain outcome by recursively making decisions. The advantage to such an engine is that there would no longer be a need to manually perform tasks such as classification, this is especially helpful if a user wants to classify a large dataset.

The list of the team members is:

Bryan Gonzalez - Team Leader/Dashboard Team, Front-End, Backend

Alvent Chang - Dashboard Team, Front-End, Backend

Jonathan Diaz  - Rule Engine Team

James Eddins  - Rule Engine Team

Razin Khan  - Rule Engine Team

Pokuong Lao  - Rule Engine Team

Ashley Manese  - Dashboard Team, Backend

Karina Pascual Zepeda  - Dashboard Team, Front-End

Anthony Tsui - Rule Engine Team

Adrian Salgado Lopez  - Dashboard Team, Front-End

Faculty Advisor: 

Dr. Huiping Guo


Francisco Guzman

Julian Gutierrez

Student Team
  • Alvent Chang
  • Jonathan Diaz
  • James Eddins
  • Bryan Gonzalez
  • Razin Khan
  • Pokuong Lao
  • Ashley Manese
  • Karina Pascual Zepeda
  • Adrian Salgado Lopez
  • Anthony Tsui
Project Sponsor
Project Liaisons
Faculty Advisors
  • Huiping Guo