The purpose of this project is a restyling of the current Saya.Life web application, with an emphasis on modularity and a reformating of the inbedded analytics. The application features both a tenants view, where individuals can view the water consumption of their apartment/home as well as some forcasting to see how their water consumption is effecting their billing. More importantly for Saya they requested a landlord view, with the ability to view all properties water usage, send messages to tenants, and monitor analytics on water consumption broken down by the individual unit. Our liason with Saya specified the project is to be done using React and many of the other details have been left up to us. Our plan is to provide them with a sleek, intuitive web app design and some very sound scaffolding for them to build out on if they so desire. 


Tasks are as follows: 

Fall 2022: 

Create wire frames for the pages and brainstorm ideas for how the page should look for a variety of users. Create user profiles, covering a wide range of familiarity with web applications, to ensure our project is able to be used by the widest spectrum of people possible. Gain familiarity with their API and build some of the supporting infastructure we will need for our project (database for testing back-end functionality and for forcasting).

Spring 2023:

Implement the website, with a focus on the landlord view. We are making sure the application is easy to navigate and provides the user with the ability to customize the Dashboard to their liking. Provide some imbedded, real-time forcasting, with the ability for follow on teams to add more as Saya sees fit. 

Student Team
  • Esteban Alvarado
  • James Bodden III
  • Christopher Case
  • Bryant Garcia
  • Marian Gomez
  • Alvin Hong
  • Fidel Izquierdo Jr
  • Arthur Keshishyan
  • Han Linwu
  • Cristian Moreno
Project Sponsor
Project Liaisons
Faculty Advisors
  • Manveen Kaur