The arqive, mobile apps available on the app stores

Liaisons: Cynthia Wang, PhD. (Cal State LA Department of Communications), Zachary Vernon, MFA (Cal State LA Department of Art)

Description: The arqive, formerly known as GlobaltraQs, is a web and mobile application that allows anyone to post fun and interesting LGBTQ+ oriented stories, events, and other information that they find meaningful. Founded in 2014 by Dr. Cynthia Wang, with Zachary Vernon susequently joining as a cosponsor. The arqive gives users a safe platform where they can share personal, historical, and community stories, as well as have access to information about safe spaces, which all serve as valuable resources to members of the LGBTQ+ community. By providing users with the ability to place pins on the map indicating where they have been and the experiences they have lived, The arQive gives people the ability to mark their place in the world and in history.

This year's project for The arqive will focus on adding additional features to the website and mobile apps, creating an automated content moderation feature, adding further security measures for users who choose anonymity, adding a way to upload images and other media, beginning an AR/VR feature, and refining the appearance and performance of The arqive.


Overall Leader: Kennard Lim

Backend Team Leader: Jorge Mata

Frontend Team Leader: Cesar Ayala

Student Team
  • Cesar Ayala
  • Songtao Bu
  • Alejandro Ceballos
  • Bryan Chan
  • Erik Donovan-Blood
  • Kennard Lim
  • Jorge Mata Jr
  • Kalvin Mateo
  • Misael Ortega
  • Jonathan Saldivar
  • Dustin Shin
Project Sponsor
The arqive
Project Liaisons
  • Zachary Vernon
  • Cynthia Wang
Faculty Advisors
  • John Hurley