Satellites are vital in many industries and perform a host of vital functions that include communications, weather prediction, geolocation, national security defense, and many others. The capability to analyze satellites’ status, behavior, and performance is a critical task that is very valuable to its stakeholders. For example, in the Global Positioning System (GPS) it is common to compute a performance metric called Dilution of Precision (DOP), which is a measure of how well satellites are positioned above a particular location on the earth. A low DOP value represents ideal positions for the GPS satellites, which results in overall better performance for that location. In the GPS domain, analyzing DOP performance is a critical task not only for right now, but for the time in the future. How good will DOP be in Hawaii in a week if we remove two satellites from the constellation?

Meet the Team
Team Member Role Email
Nathan Gonzales
Pedro Ramirez
Cesar Salazar
Scott Sun
Backend Engineer
Richard Bailon
Andrew Jarmin
Data Engineer
Yuridia Ginez
William Leung
Database Engineer
Xico Blanco
Aaron Simental
Frontend Developer



Meeting Desc. Meeting Time
Advisor and Teem meeting (Liaison every other Friday) F: 9:30 -10:30am PST
Team Technical Meeting Weekly decided by teams


Student Team
  • Richard Bailon
  • Xico Blanco
  • Yuridia Ginez
  • Nathan Gonzales
  • Andrew Jarmin
  • William Leung
  • Pedro Eduardo Ramirez
  • Cesar Salazar
  • Aaron Simental
  • Scott Yadong Sun
Project Sponsor
The Aerospace Corporation
Project Liaisons
  • Denny Ly
  • Karina Martinez
  • Pablo Settecase
Faculty Advisors
  • Zilong Ye