Integration and eDefender Integration


Currently, the Public Defender’s office has a content management system called eDefender, parent company Journal Technologies. The Department has transitioned to a fully paperless case management system. As the transition from paper to paperless continues, additional server space will be needed to host expanded growth and to maintain our digital client is a cloud content management tool that would allow the Public Defender to be compliant with CJIS/HIPAA requirements, have available storage to store all files digitally, have a collaborative platform, workflow automation, build API’s to eDefender and allow governance.

Currently, the Department has approximately 80+ terabytes of case data it needs to transition to the cloud; yearly consumption is currently twenty-four (24) terabytes and increasing exponentially every year.  The Public Defender plans to leverage to build the necessary infrastructure and support our network needs.  The project will migrate the entire infrastructure for the Public Defender’s office to the cloud with  We would like to build in automation including integrating with AWS and Microsoft Cognitive skills to build facial recognition and transcription (similar to LA County Public Defender project).  The goal is to build a speech recognition machine-learning algorithm to build transcripts of any audio or video users feed into its web-based interface.   Once files are uploaded, they would be translated/transcribed/facial recognition/keyword search and place the text in transcript templates.  Once uploaded, tags would be added (911 calls, body-worn camera, interview) to trigger the Box Skills.  Once the process is complete, will integrate with eDefender to trigger notifications, tasks, and alerts upon transfer.  Minimum metadata will be sent to eDefender to trigger automated notifications (disc number, date received, case number, file format, file size, type of media (photos, 911 calls, body-worn camera, videos, interviews, audios, forensics, Internet Of Things (i.e. ring camera))

Phase two of this project will look to OCR discovery pdfs (police reports) to extract party information from the report and send that extracted metadata to eDefender through an API.  This will greatly reduce the amount of time it would take to add parties to the case.  A detailed process flow chart is attached to the email as well.  Another phase to be explored if discovery can be redacted based on pre-set conditions.


  1. Upon uploaded to, discovery is transcribed/translated/facial recognition/keyword search.  Integrate with AWS/Microsoft Cognitive skills (similar to LA County project).
  2. Transcribed discovery is added to the transcript template and saved to the case file.
  3. Upon upload, send metadata to eDefender to trigger notification to staff on the case.
  4. When a new case is generated in eDefender, a new case file folder (along with all sub-folders) is created in Box, and the link is established within eDefender.  Folders would be based on Department naming convention procedures, creating root folders per case type.
  5. When the case type is updated in eDefender, Box will move the case file folder to the correct root folder (the new case type) and update the link in the system.
  6. OCR discovery and extract information regarding parties to send to eDefender for automated notification.  Automation is built by the PD IT team.
Role Name email
Faculty Advisor Jungsoo Lim
Project Lead James Yokley
Document Lead Joseph Comeaux
Customer Liaison/Requirements Lead Ethan Ngo
Architecture/Design Lead Alexander Voisan
UI Lead Jimmy Castillo
Backend Lead Alexis Ponce
Database Schema Lead Karen Quan
QA/QC Lead Rosa Robles
Demo Lead Mario Avila
Presentation Lead Sherina Marquez



Group 1: Audio Processing

Rosa Robles

Jimmy Castillo
James Yokley
Alexis Ponce
Sherina Mae Marquez



Group 2: Image Processing
Alexander Voisan
Ethan Ngo
Karen Quan
Joseph Comeaux
Mario Avila



Category Date Time
Bi-weekly Liaison Meeting Time  Friday 9:00 - 10:00 am
Weekly advisor group meeting  Friday 7:00 - 9:00 am

Meeting Schedule:

  1. Weekly meeting with the advisor: 
  2. Weekly team meeting: 
  3. Meeting with liaison: 
Student Team
  • Mario Avila
  • Jimmy Castillo
  • Joseph Comeaux
  • Sherina Marquez
  • Ethan Ngo
  • Alexis Ponce
  • Karen Quan
  • Rosa Robles
  • Alexander Voisan
  • James Yokley
Project Sponsor
Santa Barbara Public Defender's Office
Project Liaisons
  • Deepak Budwani
Faculty Advisors
  • Jungsoo (Soo) Lim