LA City BoE Sidewalk Assessment Project

The City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering maintains over 11,000 miles of sidewalks. When a sidewalk segment does not settle evenly or has been raised by tree-root growth, the sidewalk becomes uneven. This can create pedestrian hazards.  In addition, the City is obligated to ensure that its sidewalks conform to Federal ADA standards, which limit the extent to which a sidewalk may slope.

ABSTRACT / DESCRIPTION: This is the sixth term of a multi-year project. In the last term, a rover has been successfully fabricated. Now, the rover is capable of 1) moving with remote control, 2) measuring crossing slopes and running slopes, 3) collecting  GPS data, and 4) taking photo images. In this term, we will develop a module to measure vertical and horizontal displacement by partnering with the Mechanical Department. In addition, we will continue developing various software by focusing on the following tasks:

Role Name e-mail GitHub Repository
Faculty Advisor Jungsoo Lim
Project Lead Jacobo Haegendoreens  

Customer liaison/requirements lead

Michael Maciel


Architecture/design lead

Seo Young Lee  

Component leads such as UI, backend, database schema, etc.

John Paolo Hernandez  

QA/QC Lead

Anthony Suchil  

Documentation lead

Ying Yu  

Demo/presentation lead

Gregory Celestino  



Category Date Time
Bi-weekly Liaison Meeting Time Friday 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Weekly advisor group meeting Friday  8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Weekly team meeting time    



Category team members Advisor meeting Student Group Meeting Time
Task 1 (4 Students)


Michael Salazar

Seo Yeong Lee

Anthony Suchil

Task 2 (3 Students)

Jacobo Haegendoreens

Ying Yu

Gregory Celestino

Task 3 (4 Students)

Michael Maciel

Ricardo Munguia

John Hernandez

Student Team
  • Gregory Celestino
  • Jacobo Haegendoreens
  • John Paolo Ignacio Hernandez
  • Seo Yeong Lee
  • Michael Maciel
  • Ricardo Munguia
  • Michael Salazar
  • Anthony Suchil
  • Ying Yu
Project Sponsor
LA City Bureau of Engineering
Project Liaisons
  • Ted Allen
  • Alisa Blake
  • Jonathan De Leon
  • Miguel Grajeda
  • Irvin Nguyen
  • Chris Tsangaris
Faculty Advisors
  • Jungsoo (Soo) Lim