The goal of this senior design project is to develop a prototype using augmented reality as a platform to provide utility field crews with tools with awareness on status of equipment they come across on their inspections. Augmented reality could be leverage by providing equipment health, equipment information, documentation, and maintenance records as an example. The project deliverables shall include a prototype using existing augmented reality devices available in the market today. The benefits from this project could be situational awareness, field crew’s safety, work efficiency, work quality and training (to name a few).

The project team will work with the project sponsors to investigate, learn, and understand the tasks of field engineers and other workers at SCE who could benefit from AR. The team will also critically analyze AR technologies and platforms to find the best opportunities to improve safety, efficiency, and other benefits. After gathering project requirements, the team will create design alternatives. The team will gather feedback from the sponsor and advisor throughout the project. After an analysis of the design alternatives, the team will then create a unified system design, develop a prototype, and then evaluate the prototype. Documents, software code, and other deliverables will be shared with the sponsor.

Student Team
  • Han Cao
  • Martin Castorena
  • Cameron Cheng
  • Manuel Guillen Vargas
  • Jaiden Holcomb
  • Seng Lei
  • Matthew Mendoza
  • Denise Tabilas
  • Fernando Torres
  • Kevin Truong
Project Sponsor
Southern California Edison
Project Liaisons
Faculty Advisors
  • David Krum