MoonTrek Augmented Reality


The computer science senior design team from California State University, Los Angeles is partnering with Jet Propulsion Laboratory to add further functionality to MoonTrek Augmented Reality. Previously JPL has tasked groups of seniors to create a web application that allows users to upload their own images of the Moon and accurately annotate them with multiple overlays from JPL's MoonTrek site. Last year’s group accomplished this by implementing a context aware image registration algorithm. They did this by creating a dynamic reference image from a model of the Earth, Moon, and the Sun at the time of the user’s image in three.js. They then performed image registration with the user’s image cropped at dimensions provided by a circle detection algorithm, as well as a context-aware reference image created by the 3D model. The team was able to successfully test their algorithm with one overlay.


New Goals:

The batch of 2023-2024 primary goals are:




Figure 1:

Image of Moon with multiple layers using MoonTrek

Figure 1: The user image is displayed with layers from Kaguya LGM2011 Surface Gravity,
Colorized and Apollo 15 Metric Cam DEM, ColorHillshade.

Project Team Roles:

Project Advisors - Jackson Bentley, Jesus Cruz, Youssef El-Zein & Weronika Cwir

  Liaisons - Natalie Gallegos, Shan Malhotra & Syed Sadaqathullah

Live Registration - Gavin Guo

   GUI/Overlays - Isabel Gonzalez, Simon Johansen, Joan Zaldivar

Context Aware - Olga Garcia, Breck Miner, Jacob Valenzuela

Framework - Mike De Pacina, Sebastian Kane & Karl Sia

  (Note: All will contribute to multiple roles)


MoonTrek Development:



Spring Semester meetings:  
Weekly Meetings: Wednesday 4:30PM - 6:30PM
Bi-Weekly Meetings with Liaisons: Tuesday 4:30PM - 5:30PM
Team Meetings: Discord


Student Team
  • Mike De Pacina
  • Isabel Gonzalez
  • Gavin Guo
  • Olga Hernandez-Garcia
  • Simon Johansen
  • Sebastian Kane
  • Breck Miner
  • Karl Sia
  • Jacob Valenzuela
  • Joan Zaldivar
Project Sponsor
Project Liaisons
Faculty Advisors
  • Weronika Cwir
  • Youssef Elzein