MoonTrek Augmented Reality


The computer science senior design team from California State University, Los Angeles is partnering with Jet Propulsion Laboratory to add further functionality to Moon Trek Augmented Reality. The MoonTrek team is currently working on an AR project that is committed to fostering lunar education and professional advancements. Providing a cutting-edge platform that generates highly accurate 3D models, enabling users to immerse themselves into the Moon’s surface and surroundings as it appeared at the exact time of their own photographs. Additionally, it offers the capabilities from NASA's Moon Trek website to display overlays and annotations, curated from telescope images and moon missions. This integration presents a comprehensive portal with interactive tools, allowing you to view observations from both past and current lunar missions, as well as historic landmarks and craters.



We will be fine tuning YourMoon, which is a website page designed for users to contribute by posting their own pictures of the moon. This platform will serve the purpose of building a comprehensive database that will be used to test the accuracy of the registration algorithms. Our focus primarily includes updating the context aware image registration, which will allow for more accurate overlays on the user images. 

On the MoonTrek side, we are in the process of creating a Moon Registration Library, using C++ for moon location detection and image registration on user uploaded images. We also plan on implementing all the overlays available on NASA's website. Currently our context aware model is a flat 2D mesh wrapped around a 3D object. We plan on improving this by creating a normal mapping mesh to account for shadows. Additionally, we will be adding an infinite zoom functionality where users will be able to continually magnify their own image. By using cloud optimized GeoTIFFs, the user’s image will be replaced by the high resolution wide angle camera (WAC) image in NASA’s database.


YourMoon Development:


Meeting times:

Weekly meetings - Friday 3PM - 5PM

Bi-weekly meetings with liaisons - Monday 6PM - 7PM


Student Team
  • Mike De Pacina
  • Isabel Gonzalez
  • Gavin Guo
  • Olga Hernandez-Garcia
  • Simon Johansen
  • Sebastian Kane
  • Breck Miner
  • Karl Sia
  • Jacob Valenzuela
  • Joan Zaldivar
Project Sponsor
Project Liaisons
Faculty Advisors
  • Weronika Cwir
  • Youssef Elzein