A Machine Learning platform for Intelligent Water Systems Management

Saya Life (Saya) is a company that specializes in water management systems for commercial or personal properties. Saya gathers water analytics from third-party meters and sensors to display water consumption information to its customers via their website and mobile app. 

Saya wishes to extend its service by using water data to predict and prevent significant building damage from pipe leaks. To achieve this goal, Saya Life has partnered with our senior design group at Cal State LA. 

They have tasked us to write software that can produce a dynamic report on Saya's website. Registered users can generate the report to see if their building is at risk of a water leak. The report will also contain other important visuals that help explain why or where a leak is occurring. The dashboard will rely on a machine learning model (such as a neural network) that predicts if a building is at risk of a leak. 

In summary, our senior design group is creating a dashboard that reports if a building is at risk of a water leak by analyzing water consumption data provided by Saya Life.

Student Team
  • Daniel Castillo
  • Arron Diu
  • Gabriel Garcia
  • Matthew Kim
  • Kobe Martinez-Barrios
  • Isaac Mendoza
  • Jimmy Nguyen
  • Daniel Ramirez
  • Jonathan Tirado
  • Andres Vicente
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Project Liaisons
Faculty Advisors