JPL - MoonTrek Augmented Reality

Jet Propulsion Laboratory is partnering with California State University - Los Angeles, College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology to build an interface between Moon Trek and telescopes amateur astronomers use to look at the Moon. When images from the telescope are routed to a laptop or a smartphone they will be annotated with names of lunar features and landmarks, local temperature, the chemical makeup of the soil, or any available information the astronomer chooses.

Using the location on Earth and timestamp, via metadata, of the user's image we will create a 3D model that mimics the Earth, Moon, and Sun relationship. We will create a reference image from the model with the correct positioning and lighting, which will then be used for context-aware image registration. The generated transformation matrix will be used to position the overlays onto the user’s image correctly. We will also build a database of images to test the registration accuracy.

Project Team Roles

Advisor - Weronika Cwir

Liaisons - Natalie Gallegos & Shan Malhotra

3D Modeling Team - Alex Sherzai, Jackson Bentley

Image Registration & Processing - Jesus Cruz, Joe Hineno

Image Database - Derek Guevara, Rich Ho, Nadir Abdusemed, Owen Ramirez

Project Leads - Youssef Elzein, Salman Sheikh

(Note: All will contribute to multiple roles)

Meeting Times

Team and Advisor - Every Thursday from 15:00 - 17:00

Team and Liaisons - Every Other Thursday from 18:00 - 19:00

Team Members - Discord

Student Team
  • Nadir Abdusemed
  • Jackson Bentley
  • Jesus Cruz
  • Youssef Elzein
  • Derek Guevara
  • Joe Hineno
  • Rich Ho
  • Owen Ramirez
  • Salman Sheikh
  • Alex Sherzai
Project Sponsor
Project Liaisons
Faculty Advisors
  • Weronika Cwir