The RoboSub Senior Design project is a joint project between a team of Electrical/Mechanical engineering students and a team of Computer Science students. The purpose of the project is to design, build, and program a fully autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) that will compete in the international RoboSub competition hosted by Robonation. The computer science team will design and implement the software that pilots the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), providing navigation, stabilization, object-detection, and task-handling capabilities. This software will provide the AUV the ability to detect objects and obstacles using image recognition, and then respond to this information to maneuver itself and interact with its environment to meet the objectives outlined in the competition's rules. A team composed of Mechanical and Electrical engineering students will be designing and building the AUV intended for use in the competition

The International RoboSub competition is hosted by Robonation and is held annually at the end of July at the US Navy's Transducer Evaluation Center (TRANSDEC) in San Diego. The competition normally consists of a set of obstacles arranged in the TRANSDEC pool that each team's submarine must navigate autonomously. This year the competition will be held July 25-31, 2022.


Student Team
  • Thomas Benson
  • David Camacho
  • Bailey Canham
  • Brandon Cao
  • Roberto Hernandez
  • Andrew Heusser
  • Hector Mora-silva
  • Bart Rando
  • Victor Solis
  • Milca Ucelo Paiz
Project Sponsor
United States Office of Navel Research
Project Liaisons
  • Mark Tufenkjian
Faculty Advisors
  • Richard Cross