The Santa Barabara Public Defender's Information Technology department is expanding its technology ecosystem into the work environment to enhance workflow and efficiency. PDGo, is a new application that will be developed with the goal to streamline analog processes into digital ones for increased productivity and response rates. The application itself will be a robust administrative tool that will be responsible for a multitude of functions including and not limited to; time off requests, MCLE trainings, facility requests, and other administrative requests. PDGo will be developed in Microsoft's Power Apps an app creation suite that offers a low-code environment to create custom business applications. In addition to its administrative functions the application will retrieve additional data on the user and dictate the different actions and access they have to this application. At the time of writing there are three tiers of users considered; Administrator, Supervisor, and Staff. PDGo is planned to be used alongside with the Workday application, to supplement services and information to the department, as well as the organization.


Our team is organized to accommodate vastly differing schedules to have regular and engaging meetings between 3 sub-teams with their own sub-leads which are assigned different development portions of the project. This allows the team to create as many functions to the administrative tool as possible in a timely fashion. The team lead manages all 3 sub-teams and ensures consistency throughout the application.

Team Lead: Tommy Youn

Team 1: Kevin Ornelas (Sub-Lead), Andrew Zou, Qian Wang, Yin Win

Team 2: Tommy Youn (Sub-Lead), Cassidy Barron, Mina Mekhaiel, Fernando Perez

Team 3: Elias Schablowski (Sub-Lead), Alberto Barboza, Elizabeth Silvestre

Student Team
  • Alberto Barboza
  • Cassidy Barron
  • Mina Mekhaiel
  • Kevin Ornelas
  • Fernando Perez
  • Elias Schablowski
  • Elizabeth Silvestre
  • Qian Wang
  • Yin Thuzar Win
  • Tommy Youn