AI Research and Development

With all that we have to worry about as students, we wanted to use what we’ve learned in our time at Cal State LA, to make the lives of university students like ourselves easier through the use of AI. We split our team into 2 teams to tackle this from different angles, a development team as well as a research team. Our main goal was to create a virtual education assistant which could help you with your classes. The development team focuses on creating an open AI that would assist students in the subject of Automata Theory which is considered to be a complicated subject to many students. The research team focuses on researching the limitations and capabilities of LLMs.  


Topics Researched
  • LLM Training
    • Pre-training
    • Fine tuning

  • Prompting
    • Tokenizer
    • Prompt engineering
    • Prompt templates
    • Chain of thought reasoning
    • Chaining prompts
  • Output Parsing
    • Function calling
    • SQL queries

  • Retrieval Augmented Generation
    • Document loading and splitting
    • Embedding
    • Vector storing
    • Semantic search
  • Hugging Face
    • Transformers library
    • Models and datasets hub
    • AutoNLP

  • Code Assistants
    • Amazon CodeWhisperer
    • GitHub Copilot
    • Google Codey


Technology Used
  • Langauges
    • Python

  • IDEs
    • Google Colab
    • Visual Studio Code
    • YouAI Mindstudio
  • Libraries & Frameworks
    • LangChain
    • Hugging Face
    • Streamlit

  • Large Language Models
    • GPT
    • Cohere
    • Llama 2
  • Vector Databases
    • Chroma
    • Pinecone
    • Weaviate


Student Team
  • Janis Garcia
  • Virginia Guadalupe Gonzalez
  • Ulises Gutierrez
  • James Hy
  • Charlie Martinez Dominguez
  • Michael Perez
  • Dylan Paul Tomasello
  • Omar Tovar
  • Theodore Tran
  • Thomas Yeung
Project Sponsor
Project Liaisons
Faculty Advisors