Secure Module/Key Management Application

The purpose of this project is to develop a Secure Module/Key Management Application. The application will send and store data. The data will be encrypted using different methods based on where it is being sent. This application is meant to transfer sensitive data, which the traffic is logged in a separate database, accessed by users who don't have authorization to see that data. This application will keep unauthorized users from seeing data at any point of transfer.

This web app is coded in ASP.NET 8, CSS, JS and adheres to QTC's requirements and standards.

The list of team members:

Team Leader - Andy Munoz
Requirements Team/Frontend - Angel Serrano
Design Team/Frontend - Gabriel Espejel
Requirements Team/Frontend - Jason Schmidt
Design Team/Backend - Alexander Raya
Requirements Team/Frontend - Victor Liang
Design Team/Backend - Angel Penate Jr
Requirements Team/Frontend - Brian Tang
Requirements Team/Frontend - Anthony Ortega
Design Team/Backend - Jorge Espana

Faculty Advisor: 

Dr. Huiping Guo


Francisco Guzman

Julian Gutierrez

Student Team
  • Jorge Espana
  • Gabriel Espejel
  • Victor Liang
  • Andy Munoz
  • Anthony Ortega
  • Angel Ernesto Penate Jr
  • Alexander Raya
  • Jason Schmidt
  • Angel Serrano
  • Brian Tang
Project Sponsor
Faculty Advisors