Within the project scope, the developers are tasked with expanding the functionality of the existing mobile application and website for Want2Remember. This includes incorporating smart reminders, advanced customization options, enhanced disability support such as speech-to-text features, calendar integration, location-based services for geo-safety, and bolstered caregiver support. A key aspect of the project involves nurturing and advancing the skills of the development team, specifically in areas such as software refactoring, quality assurance, and proficiency with application development tools like Jira and GitHub. We2Link aims to not only enhance the user experience and accessibility of their app but also foster continuous growth and expertise within the development teams.
Student Team
  • Nicholas Barger
  • Davy Chi
  • Kevin Fong
  • Hein Htet
  • Jennifer Lizarraga
  • Carlos Ramirez
  • Adrian Soria
  • Zain Syed
  • Ivan Wang
  • Joanne Wu
Project Sponsor
Faculty Advisors